Samantha-Sarah Jones

Peinture, photographie, animation, film, net-art
Vit et travaille à Londres, Royaume-Uni

Image : © (DR) Samantha-Sarah Jones


Samantha-Sarah Jones is an accomplished visual artist and former Slade graduate who exhibits internationally as well as in London, UK where she lives and works. Prolific in many mediums her body of work manifests in contemporary and traditional display through installations, digital fim, photography, net art and painting.

Work directions

Tansformation and  distortion  provide an interpretative introduction to the work of Samantha-Sarah Jones but the foundation of her art  is rooted in character studies and explorations of human nature where unexpected and unorthodox scenerios are used to showcase the  fragility and complexity of human understanding ; whilst humour and optimism is used to highlight human faults, frailty and desire.


Samantha-Sarah Jones


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