Radhika Khimji

Vit et travaille à Londres et Muscat

Image : (DR) Radhika Khimji

Biographie . Biography

Born and Brought up in the Sultanate of Oman, Radhika Khimji is an artist of Indian origin. She studied art at The Slade School of fine art in London and The Royal Academy. She exhiits widely in the Gulf and Europe, having taken part in the 49th Salon de Montrouge exhibition. Her future projects include a project in Delhi, and she will participate in the Paris Abu Dhabi Art Fair this year. Radhika is a founder member of Artskool.

Thématique de travail . Work direction

Khimji’s work questions painting’s relationship to drawing, and the space within which the work is shown. Her instaled work attempt to bring the fantasy world of the work closer to the viewer by constructing different methods of display. The characters in her work are continously displaced, pivoting on deconstruction. There is an evident humor in making work this way, as the figure is always awkward and quirky due to the very method and nature of its facture.
The work is made strange to its environment, destabilized and incongruous, cut out, renegotiated or not negotiated at all. The process is crucial, it leads to the image and is never divorced from it. The viewer is left on unsure footing, in an attempt to create even ground upon which the work may be evaluated and measured.


Radhika Khimji

La galerie XVA, à Dubai présente Moving, une exposition de peintures et travaux In situ de Radhika Khimji, récemment diplômée de la Royal Academy (Londres, GB).


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